In 1980, Torleiv Høien received a PhD for his dissertation on dyslexia at the University of Bergen. In 1983, he presented his thesis on factors affecting auditory perception for his second PhD, this time from Linköping University in Sweden. Høien has worked within primary and secondary education and as a school psychologist. He has worked as a lecturer and researcher at the College of Education in Stavanger, which subsequently became part of the University College of Stavanger, now the University of Stavanger. He played a key role in establishing the Second Division and Masters Programmes in Special Education at the College of Education.Høien initiated the founding of the Centre for Reading Research at the University College of Stavanger in 1989, and was Head of the Centre for 10 years. He also established the Dyslexia Research Foundation, serving as Director for 15 years.Høien has been involved in many research projects and authored a multitude of scientific papers and books on reading difficulties and dyslexia. In addition, he has supervised candidates preparing for their PhD and held position as Professor of Psychology at the University of Bergen. Høien is a member of the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters. On 9 May 2007, the King appointed Høien a Knight, First Class, of the Order of Saint Olav for "his efforts in the field of dyslexia".Torleiv Høien is currently Professor of Education and acts as professional consultant for Logometrica.